WS-17 Max Multi-Function Watch

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  • Keep track of your exercise routines to optimize your fitness journey.
  • Continuously monitor your heart rate for a deeper understanding of your cardiovascular health.
  • Stay informed about your blood sugar levels, providing valuable insights for managing your health.
  • Measure your blood oxygen levels to ensure optimal oxygenation in your body.
  • Keep tabs on your blood pressure to promote cardiovascular well-being.
  • Log and analyze your daily activities for a holistic view of your overall fitness.
  • Gain insights into your sleep patterns and quality, promoting better overall health
  • Enjoy the convenience of AI voice assistance for hands-free control and information access
  • Use the built-in stopwatch for precise timing during workouts or other activities.
  • Easily locate your phone with the convenient find phone feature.
  • Access your call records directly from the device for quick reference.
  • Keep track of time with the device’s time display feature, ensuring you stay organized throughout the day.


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Extended Product Details

Extended Product Details

Chip MTK2502D
Bluetooth 4.0
Battery 195mAh
Wireless Charging Compatible
APP Wearin
Screen Type Round
Screen Size 1.7